That Jew Died For You

That Jew Died For You

Last year around this time I was driving through the backwoods of Georgia to a film location to produce probably the most controversial project in my career.  The idea stirred up a lot of mixed emotions for me.  Within the hour upon arrival a large truck made its way down a muddy road and a crew of workers began assembling an exact replica of the gates of Auschwitz.  Just looking at the gates gave me chills, but I knew that the film we were creating was not another depressing holocaust piece but an expression of hope in one of my people’s darkest moments in history.

Many Jewish people who survived like Elie Wiesel came out hopeless, no longer having faith in God and denying God’s existence.  However, there were others who found hope in the Jewish Messiah who knows all about suffering.  This film expresses that God was very much present during the Holocaust and I invite you to watch and respond to the film in any manner you see fit.  It may take time to process, it may take several views to process, it may offend, and it may tear down veils and give you a new perspective.  Whatever it does to you don’t be afraid to allow the film to challenge you.

Thanks for watching, please leave a comment and also visit the website created for the film with extra content.  Also if you know anyone who needs to be challenged to think about Yeshua differently please share this video with them.

Also, visit the website and see the “Why we made this film” and several testimonies of Holocaust Survivors who came to faith in Yeshua.

Be Blessed

Sean Trank